WOW! 原來如此


The ship was tossed back and forth by the waves.(那船隨波濤顛簸晃動。)
It is quite a toss whether he comes or not.(他來不來的可能性各占一半。)※遇到左右為難的事時,有時會「扔硬幣」決定,「扔硬幣」就是「toss a coin」。
She tossed her head and passed on.(她一甩頭,就繼續往前走了。)
came up with
「over」是「come/came up with」是「發現什麼」或「想出……好點子」,例如:
After the accident, the police fingerprint the canoe, see if they come up with anything.(事故發生後,警方在獨木舟採指紋,看是否發現什麼。)
She’s come up with some amazing scheme to double her income.(她想出了一個驚人的計畫,用來增加她的收入。)
We like to give her a present, see what we can come up with some good idea.(我們想給她一個禮物,看看我們能想出什麼好主意。)
with flying colors
「with flying colors」是「成績優異、表現出色」,例如:
If you do something such as pass an exam with flying colors, you do it very successfully.(如果你做了像「考試成績優異」之類的事,那表示你做得很成功。)
Sally qualified for the race with flying colors.(莎莉以優異的成績取得比賽資格。)
Paul came home with flying colors after the match.(比賽結束後,保羅神采奕奕地回家。)

「with flying colors」是「成績優異、表現出色」
「with flying colors」是「成績優異、表現出色」