Big Misunderstanding


Who is Paul Mcartney?
He is one of the greatest living musicians and a legend to many -and we're not talking about Kanye West.
Yet Paul McCartney’s recent collaboration with the rapper for the newly released single Only One at first appears to have left some hip hop fans scratching their heads.
“Who is Paul Mcartney?” someone wrote on Twitter about the Beatles rocker while another posted: “This Paul McCartney guy gonna be huge.”
Mother Was Fooled
Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Maya. One day when she came home from school she went straight to her mother and said “Mummy, today my teacher punished me for something I didn’t do. The mother was very angry and went straight to her teacher and scolded her, but she didn’t ask Maya what she didn’t do.
When she came home she said “I scolded your teacher nicely for just scolding you.” Then she asked “by the way Maya what is that you didn’t do?” her mother asked, “My homework,” said Maya.
The Dirty Pig
On a fine day, a dirty pig was soaking himself in a pond. A thirsty lion came by water, but unable to bear the heavy stench went away. The foolish pig thought that the lion cowed down seeing him and excitedly challenged him to a duel. “Maybe tomorrow,” replied the lion and turned away from the smelly pig.
The excited pig went home and told his parents how he had challenged a coward lion. “What have you done, you foolish pig? It’s not you but your stench that made him run away.” explained his father. The dirty pig’s excitement crashed instantly. His father suggested that he should leisurely roll in the dirty waters so that he might stink even more and then meet the lion.
The pig listened to his father. As soon as the lion approached him, the foul smell spread around and he ran away unable to bear it. Since then, someone said, pigs always keep themselves dirty so that no animal might come near them.
解 說
英國搖滾樂團「披頭四」(Beatles)的靈魂人物保羅麥卡尼,應該可說是無人不知、誰人不曉吧。披頭四曾經叱吒全球,讓萬千歌迷們瘋狂 ,甚至還造成著名的「狂愛披頭四」(Beatlemania)現象:歌迷們因為目睹偶像,尖叫失聲、激動落淚,甚至昏倒送醫。
然而,保羅麥卡尼與美國饒舌歌手肯伊威斯特合作發行單曲〈唯一〉(Only One)時,就是有知識非常不豐富的網友,居然會「好奇」這跟肯伊合作的「傢伙」是誰……。他還說,肯伊「很會挖掘好天賦,這個叫做保羅麥卡尼的人『一定會紅』」。
一個美好的晴天,一隻髒兮兮的豬正在池塘中「泡澡」。口渴的獅子走到水邊,因為無法忍受那惡臭、調頭就走。 愚蠢的豬以為獅子看到他嚇壞了,興奮地挑戰他「決鬥」。「也許明天吧。」獅子回答說,轉身遠離臭氣沖天的豬。