WOW! 原來如此

「collaboration」是「working in teams」(合作)

「collaboration」是「working in teams」(合作),例如:
She wrote the book in collaboration with her brother.(她與她的兄弟合作,寫成了這本書。)
Each major experiment involves dedicated collaboration.(每一項重大的實驗都少不了密切投入的合作。)
His science abilities were shown at an early age by his collaboration with his teachers.(他的科學能力在早年與老師的合作中就已經展現。)
You were soaking wet and shivering like a leaf.(你渾身溼透,還像樹葉一樣顫抖。)
It’s so hot outside, I’ve only been walking ten minutes and my shirt is soaking wet.(外面太熱了,我只走了十分鐘,襯衫就讓汗溼透了。)
The spring rain is soaking into the fields.(春雨正滋潤田野。)
I leisurely took a survey around the library, in this same manner I studied zoology and botany. (我悠閒地觀察過圖書館周遭,以同樣輕鬆姿態研習動物學和植物學。)
The old prince dressed leisurely in his study, slightly frowning and considering what to do.(年老的王儲在書房裡從容地著裝,微皺著眉頭、考慮他該做什麼。)
You’ve done just right to tell the story leisurely. (你這樣慢條斯理地說故事,正合我意。)