She had dreamed to find someone who would share her enthusiasm in art.(她曾夢想找到分享她藝術熱忱的人。)
Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm, and I can mount her enthusiasm at a word.(沒有什麼像熱情那樣具有渲染力,而且我能用一個字就激起她的熱情。)
Tammy was no longer a principal ballerina, but her enthusiasm to learn was still inspiring.(譚美不再是芭蕾舞團首席舞者,但她的學習熱情仍然令人鼓舞。)
You will see things differently in a few years.(再過幾年,你對事的看法就會不同了。)
The twins were dressed differently and one was thinner than the other.(這對雙胞胎的穿著不同,而且其中一個偏瘦。)
How very differently we feel, the first is that we all value things differently, such as in our jelly bean example.(人們的想法天差地別,首先,我們都以不同的方式來評價事物,例如對軟糖豆的喜好。)
so quiet you could hear a pin drop
「so quiet you could hear a pin drop」是「完全地寂靜」,幾乎靜到「大頭針掉地上都聽得見」的程度,例如:
Before the baby was born, the late night hospital was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.(在寶寶出生之前,深夜的醫院幾乎全聽不到任何聲音。)
After the teacher’s outburst, the classroom was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. (老師大發脾氣之後,教室無比安靜。)
Waiting to see what happened next in the play, everyone in the audience stayed so quiet you could hear a pin drop.(靜待觀看劇中接下來發生的情節,每一位觀眾都屏息凝神。)