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in vain
「in vain」是「徒勞、無用的」,例如:
They tried in vain to frighten him with threats.(他們百般恫嚇,但對他毫無效用。)
Possibly I torture myself in vain?(說不定我這是在白白地折磨自己?)
Unfortunately, that desire had proved in vain.(掃興的是,這種渴望成為泡影。)
He lied and bragged like a fool.(他又撒謊又吹牛,活像一個傻瓜。)
We must never brag and boast.(我們萬萬不可自吹自擂。)
Don’t brag about what you’re going to do. Get something done.(先別吹噓,做出具體成績來再說。)
She has long held the limelight in the scientific area.(她長久以來在科學領域受人注目。)
It is wiser to keep out of the limelight.(不引人注目更為明智。)
For three years she lived in the limelight.(三年裡她出夠了鋒頭。)