WOW! 原來如此


rose up
「rose」是玫瑰,但是「rose up」無關玫瑰花,而是「rise up」的過去式,例如:
During the last syllable, the music rose up to the wildest pitch of stormy excitement.(在最後一個音節時,音樂急促上升,強勁如暴風驟雨、振奮人心。)
This verse rose up to fire his breast with inspiration.(這首詩激發了他胸中靈感的火花。)
Spray rose up from the surface of the lake, wet everyone’s clothes.(湖面濺起水花,弄溼每個人的衣服。)
caught sight of
「caught sight of」譯為「瞥見」,例如:
Evening in the dusk she caught sight of an actual elephant. (黃昏時分,她看到了一頭真正的大象。)
Every time he catches sight of himself in the mirror, he felt so disappointed.(每當在鏡子裡看到自己時,他都感到非常失望。)
The teacher caught sight of her students and waved to them. (老師看到她的學生並向他們揮手致意。)
The policeman promised to investigate this as thoroughly as he could.(警察承諾盡可能地徹底調查此件事。)
After four years of practicing, he’s learned the business thoroughly.(經過四年的練習,這門生意他算是學到家了。)
Wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water before handling any food.(在料理食物之前,應該用熱肥皂水徹底洗淨雙手。)