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taken aback
「taken aback」是「出乎意料、吃驚」,例如:
She was really taken aback upon hearing of the great man’s death.(聽到那位偉人的死訊,她著實地吃了一驚。)
He was taken aback by the news, but he managed to remain calm by the appearance.(他被這個消息嚇得心驚,但設法在表面上保持神色自若。)
Tom appeared to be taken aback both by the story, and the speed at which Alice broadcasted it.(湯姆似乎對這個故事本身,以及愛麗絲傳播它的速度,都感到吃驚。)
She wasn’t irritable or grumpy, just slightly perplexed. (她並不是煩躁易怒,只是有些困惑。)
The room was too messy to clean, those two boys stood at the door perplexed.(房間亂得無法打掃,那兩個男孩束手無策地站在門口。)
The beginner parents are perplexed about what to do for their child.(新手的父母對該為孩子做些什麼完全不知所措。)
gave in
「give in」是「讓步、投降」,(gave是give的過去式),例如:
He and his wife are always arguing because they’re both too stubborn to give in.(他和妻子總是爭吵,因為他們都太頑固不肯讓步。)
He gave in to curiosity and opened my letter, but I was determined not to give in to temptation.(他受好奇心驅使偷拆了我的信,但我決心不接受誘惑。)
She is a gutsy player, she never gives in to obstacles.(她是個勇敢的選手,從未向困境屈服。)