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make the most of
「make the most of」解釋為「充分利用」,例如:
The new government was wasting the boom years and failed to make the most of new technology.(新政府浪費繁榮時期,沒能充分利用新科技。)
It is my last year in this school, so I have decided to make the most of mytime.(這是我在這學校最後的一年,所以我決定時間要做最充分的利用。)
She really tries to make the most of herself. (她真的想盡量發揮自己的優勢。)
live a little
「live a little」是好好享受當前擁有的幸福人生,例如:
Don’t be afraid about changing, live a little.(別害怕改變,活出點人生樂趣。)
Discover how to laugh a little, cry a little, live a little more.(想辦法笑一笑、哭一哭,多享受人生。)
To do crazy things, dare to take chances is to live a little, enjoying life.(敢嘗新、勇於冒險,就是學會生活、好好過每一天。)
The reporter whereabouts have been utterly unknown so far(到目前為止, 記者的下落無人知曉。)
The old lady was utterly shattered and yet composed.(那位老太太雖然精疲力竭,但沒有驚慌失措。)
It’s utterly delightful with all the little school children scurrying about.( 讓一群跑跑跳跳的小學生圍繞身邊,感覺其實滿愉悅。)