WOW! 原來如此


They don’t have to put up with the mean boss, because they don’t care about that measly wage.(他們不必忍受那苛刻的老闆,因為他們不在乎那微不足道的工資。)
One measly mango, that’s all we’ve had for food today.(一顆小得可憐的芒果,就是我們今天的全部食物。)
The miser innkeeper only gave us measly little portions of cake.(吝嗇小氣的旅店主人,只肯供應我們一點點蛋糕。)
The room was dark, but there was a shimmer of moonlight at the window.(屋裡很暗,但靠近窗戶的地方,有點月暈微光。)
The two old couple shimmered in brief rainbows.(老夫婦的臉,在短暫的彩虹中,微微地閃亮。)
Sunlight shimmers on the waters of the bay.(陽光在海灣的水面上閃爍。)
「boom」是「隆隆作響 」,例如:
The stillness of the night was broken by the boom of a cannon.(隆隆的炮聲,打破夜晚原有的寂靜。)
Each boom of thunder was loud enough to rattle the window panes.(每一次雷聲轟隆作響,都震得窗戶的玻璃叮叮噹噹。)
「boom 」也解釋為(景氣)興旺發達,例如:
Stocks may boom today but drop tomorrow. (股票可能今天暴漲,但明天又下跌。)