WOW! 原來如此


from my perspective
「perspective」意思是「看法、觀點」,「from my perspective」是「從我的角度觀察」,也就是「我認為」:
From my perspective, good health is over wealth.(我認為健康勝於財富。)
Nothing is as important as family, from my perspective.(依我看,沒有任何事物比得上家人重要。)
From my perspective, the previous proposal seems rather feasible.(我覺得前一個方案比較可行。)
let go
「let go」是「鬆手;忘掉」,例如:
Although he was hurt, he just refused to let go.(雖然他受傷了,但他就是不肯放手。)
You should let go the grief, it’s been 5 years after all.(你應該放下悲傷的情緒了,畢竟已經過了五年。)
Do I need to let go of this and move on?(我是否需要放手,繼續向前邁進?)
get it off your chest
「get it off your chest」翻譯為「一吐為快」,例如:
Get it off your chest if you feel you’ve been wronged. Don’t take it out on others .(你有什麼委屈就應該說出來,別拿別人出氣。)
If something’s bothering you, get it off your chest and unload the burden.(有什麼不痛快的,把它說出來,省得心裡覺得有疙瘩。)
It has been bothering me for quite some time, I need to get it off my chest.(它已經困擾了我很長一段時間,我需要把事情一吐為快。)