WOW! 原來如此


WOW! 原來如此
new moon
「new moon(新月)」是月亮運行到太陽與地球間,黑暗面對著地球,有時也稱為「黑月」,例句:
At new moon, the moon is between the earth and the sun.(在新月時,月亮是處於地球和太陽之間。)
The new moon was the occasion of festivals of rejoicing in Egypt.(埃及會在新月舉行歡慶盛典。)
It was black as night at new moon and white as frost at first light.
The portrait of was her proudest possession.(擁有那幅肖像,讓她頗為驕傲。)
He had come into possession of a large fortune accidentally.(他意外地得到了一筆很大的財產。)
Happiness isn’t merely having many possessions.(並不是擁有許多,就會感到幸福。)
catch a cold
「catch a cold」(抓到冷)的意思是「著涼、感冒」,例如:
Keep your feet dry so you don’t catch a cold.(保持雙腳乾爽,以免感冒。)
Even I catch a cold, he still uses my cup to drink.(雖然我感冒了,他還是照樣用我的杯子喝水。)
Yesterday he caught a cold, so he didn’t go to work.(昨天他著涼了,所以沒去上班。)