WOW! 原來如此


She shivered with her depression of mind and body.(她身體疲乏、神情沮喪,渾身在顫抖。)
Despite wearing a jacket over his three layers and sweater, he was still shivering.(儘管穿著三層夾克和毛衣,他仍然在顫抖。)
The sailors of the wrecked ship clung to anything handy.
She wiped away the pine needles clinging to her clothes.
The villages clinging to the sides of the mountain glens from which water is drawn for irrigation, and excellent fruit is grown.(村莊緊貼山脈的兩側,從中取水灌溉,種出優質的水果。)
take shelter
「shelter」是避難所,「take shelter」是「躲避」,例如:
The streets of the center of the city emptied as frightened residents fled home to take shelter.(當嚇壞的居民回家躲避時,市中心的街道空無一人。)
When night falls, it becomes extremely foggy, so they take shelter in a cove.(當夜幕降臨時,大霧迷漫,他們因此在海灣暫避。)
Farmers took shelter from the storm in a barn.(農夫們在一個穀倉裡躲避暴風雨。)