Over Your Head
「Over Your Head」是「超越頭頂」,也就是「陷入麻煩」,例如:
It doesn’t matter what kind of place it is, at least you’ll have a roof over your head.(無論這是什麼樣的地方,至少頭上有屋頂遮陽避雨。)
At least you learned a valuable lesson about not getting in over your head.(至少你學到了寶貴經驗:量力而為!)
Sally tried to get rid of the debts, but she was in over her head.(莎莉試圖擺脫債務,但卻陷入麻煩。)
He popped out to buy a pint of coconut water.(他突然出門買了一品脫椰子汁。)
The secret of making a delicious cookie is to add half a pint of cream.(製作美味餅乾的祕訣,是加入半品脫的奶油。)