WOW! 原來如此




He has been bedridden now for over two years.(他已經兩年臥床不起了。)

Before winning the Oscar, he took the key role of the bedridden fathe.(在贏得奧斯卡獎之前,他扮演一個臥床父親的角色。)

During the time he was bedridden, Tom spent countless hours writing en.couraging letters and praying for others.(在他因病臥床的時候,湯姆花了許多時間寫信鼓勵別人、為人祈禱。)

high and low

「high and low」包括所有的「高處與低處」,也就是「四處、到處」,例如:

The refugee shelter can resist high and low temperatures.(難民收容所可以抵禦寒暑。)

The actress was seeking high and low for new rewards and new ways forward.(這位女演員正四處追求新的獎項和努力方式。)

I’ve searched high and low for those files but I can’t find them anywhere.(我到處都找遍了,也找不到這些檔案。)