WOW! 原來如此


no clue
「no clue」是「毫無線索」,例如:
The police found no clue to the missing car whereabouts.(警方沒有找到關於失蹤汽車下落的線索。)
We have no clue as to where Margot goes after her graduation.(我們不清楚瑪格麗特畢業後的去向。)
The package offered no clue as to the identity of the sender.(這包裹上沒有提到寄件人是誰。)
He sang and Alice accompanied him on the piano.(他唱歌時,由愛麗絲鋼琴伴奏。)
The training coach accompanied him during his exercise periods.(他運動的時候,有健身教練伴隨。)
This dish was usually accompanied by a variety of pickles.(這道菜通常搭配多種口味的泡菜。)