Three Old Men 三個老人


提 要
It was a sunny day. Three old men with a long beard were wandering on the road. They saw a beautiful little house and decided to enter the house.
To answer old men’s knocking, a lady opened the door. The old men asked whether they have all members of the family. The lady replied, “I am home with my mother-in-law. My husband and children will be back in the evening. Please let me know how can I help you?”
The old men told her, “Then we will wait until all members of your family return home.”
The lady replied, “But you look so tired and weak. I will bring you some food. You may have some rest.”
Three old men refused her kindness and said, “No problem dear. We are not hungry and we don’t need anything. We shall wait until the evening.”
All three men were sitting under a tree and relaxing.
Children returned home after school and the old men talked to them. It was almost 6 pm and the lady again requested the three men to have some drink at least. However, they denied. The woman, her mother-in-law and children were little suspicious, as they had no clue about who those three men were.
One hour later, her husband reached home. She told everything happened and asked him to talk to those men. The man invited them to come inside their home. The entire family welcomed the three old men and requested them to get in.
The first old man told the family, “I’m so sorry. We cannot all come to your home. You have to choose one among us, as we don’t enter into a house together.”
The family was confused, while the first men added, “I’m love. If you want to have the flow of love and peace forever in your house, pick me.” He pointed the second man and said, “He is wealth! He will give you enormous wealth.” Pointing the third men, he said, “He is success. He will provide you success in all your attempts.”
Now you can choose one among us and the person you choose will enter your home.
The family started discussing choosing from them. The lady told to invite wealth as they weren’t very rich. However, the man refused and wanted to invite success and prove him to the world that he is very successful in the world.
Alternatively, the children and the old lady, the grandmother of the kids had a different thought. They wanted to invite love so that the family will stay happy forever.
After discussing for some time, the family decided to invite love to fulfill the desire of children and the old lady.
The entire family approached the three men and invited love to stay with them. By hearing this, all the three old men entered the house happily. The family was surprised and puzzled.
Success told them, if your choice is something other than love, the person you chose will be with you.
Wealth added that, just as your choice, that love, success and wealth are accompanied by love. The place filled with love will also be filled by abundance prosperity and success.

回應老人的敲門聲,一位女士打開了門。 老人們問,是否全家人都在。 那位女士回答說:「我和我婆婆在家。我的丈夫和孩子們在傍晚會回來。請告訴我,該如何幫助你們?」