WOW! 原來如此


People were awestruck by the pictures the satellite sent back to earth.(人們震懾於從衛星送回地球的照片。)
Tourist gazed awestruck at the magnificent Taj Mahal.(遊客驚奇不已地看著壯麗的泰姬瑪哈陵。)
I could tell she was impressed with the awestruck expression on her face.(從她驚訝的表情,可知她印象深刻。)
wear out
「wear out」是「穿破、用壞、磨損」,例如:
It is better to wear out than to rust out.(因努力而造成的磨損,要比怠惰造成的銹蝕好得多了。)
Human being disturbs wildlife, pollute the air, drop litter and literally wear out the source on earth.(人類擾亂生態、汙染空氣、亂丟垃圾,老實說就是消耗地球資源。)
Clothing seems to wear out in no time nowadays.(現今的服裝似乎很快就會磨損。)
The music suited her melancholy mood perfectly.
I was deeply aware of the old man’s melancholy as he stood still among the mourners.(當這位老人哀悼者中佇足的時候,我深深意識到他的憂鬱。)
The church bell clashed its melancholy note.