「consequently」類似「therefore(所以)」的意思 ,例如:
The bus Alice took broke down and consequently, she was late.(愛麗絲搭的那班公車拋錨,所以她遲到了。)
They had children and were consequently tied to the school calendar.(他們家有孩子,因此必須按照學校的行事曆安排生活。)
Mr. Martin has never been to the North Pole. Consequently, he knows very little about it.(馬丁先生從未去過北極。 因此他知道的很少。)
Chinese people usually perform religious rituals on the first and the 15th of each lunar month.(中國人通常在每月的初一、十五祭拜。)
He went through the ritual of kitchen cleaning like it was brand new.(把廚房清理得煥然一新是他的例行公事。)
Megan had to go through the ritual of reading stories before her daughter would go to bed.(梅根的兒子習慣聽完故事才肯上床睡覺。)
「undeniably」是「不可否認地 」,例如:
Bringing up a baby is undeniably hard work.(撫養嬰兒毫無疑問是一項艱苦的工作。)
There was undeniably a strong theoretical meaning to his thinking.(不可否認的是,他的思想具有很強的理論意義。)
Nevertheless, the topic we were studying was undeniably a very important one.(儘管如此,我們正在研究的主題無庸置疑非常重要。)