A Friend Who Back You Up


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Sam was a student in class 5. He was a studious as well as a naughty boy. After science class, he was cracking jokes with friends. By the time the math teacher arrived at the class, he moved back to his seat. The class started by asking several questions.
And it happened. Sam wet his pants! He forgot to go to the bathroom before class, and he was extremely ashamed.
He worried about how his classmates would think about him. His wetting pants would be the hot topic of the school! His friends would talk about the incident for years. The girls in the class would never look at him as a friend. The boys and girls would never speak to him. He would become the punch line for everyone in the class….. And Sam’s imagination kept going absurd.
The math teacher noticed some kind of uneasiness about Sam. She was watching him for 10 minutes and realized he was in some kind of trouble. Sam also found the teacher’s concern and tried to act normal.
He felt that his heart would stop pumping very soon. He silently pleaded to god, “Dear God, I really need some help here. Please come as my savior.”
In the meanwhile, Sam’s classmate Kenny asked if he can drink some water after that Kenny took his kettle and started to moving out. As he crosses Sam’s desk, he accidentally spilled the water all over Sam.
It shocked everyone and the teacher rushed to help them. She asked a student to get some towels and a mob.
Students cleaned the perimeter and helped Sam. Someone gave him a gym pant to change. The fear of ridicule acts turned out to be a sympathetic scene.
Sam was so relieved. He looked at Kenny, who stood silently in a corner, scolded by the teacher for being so careless.
After school, Sam approached Kenny and thanked him for his heart-warmed gesture. Kenny smiled and said, “Hey I love to back you up buddy! Because I also experienced the same few months before. I knew the embarrassments.
山姆是小學五年級的學生,他雖好學卻也頗頑皮。科學課下課後,他和朋友笑鬧嬉戲。到數學老師出現時,他回到了自己的座位上。 上課時先問了幾個問題。
他擔心同學們會怎麼看待他,他的溼褲子將成為學校的熱門話題!他的朋友們會談論這個事件好多年;班上的女生永遠不會當他是朋友;男男女女都再也不會跟他交談;他將成為班上的笑柄…… 山姆的想像變得愈來愈荒誕。
數學老師發現山姆有些不安,她觀察他十分鐘,覺得他應該有麻煩了; 山姆也發現了老師的眼光,並試圖表現「一切正常」的模樣。