WOW! 原來如此


punch line
「punch line」(笑話最後的)笑點,此處的意思是「笑柄」 ,例如:
They always saw his jokes before he got to the punch line.(他們總是在他笑話講完之前就先開始笑。)
That absent-minded guy forgot the punch line of his after-dinner speech.(那個心不在焉的傢伙,忘記飯後演講的笑點。)
If you are like most people, that punch line triggered at least a hearty laugh.(如果你像大多數人一樣,聽到這句至少能盡情地笑一下。)
The government has left itself open to mockery and ridicule.(這群烏合之眾對嘲弄揶揄置之不理。)
Silly mistakes often arouse ridicule.(愚蠢的失誤常引起眾人嘲笑。)
After the incident, he became an object of ridicule among the other workers.(事發後,他成了其他同仁的嘲笑對象。)
Mother Teresa was endlessly kind and sympathetic.(德瑞莎修女展現無休止地友善與同情心。)
You’ve got to be firm, but at the same time you must be sympathetic.(你必須堅定,但同時必須保持同情心。)
Julia’s neighbor was very sympathetic when she was sick.(茱莉亞生病時,她的鄰居非常同情。)